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SC Mar-ina Prodprest SRL is a Romanian private company and it started its activity in 1994, having one of the best ten positions in the Small and Medium Business regional classification and being one of the best 7 companies in Romanian fire fighting market.
Its main activities are the manufacturing and marketing of fire fighting equippments and accesories, cold working of metals and metallic constructions, producing more than 200 items for Romanian and foreign market:


Fire fighting field: fire hose cabinets – different sizes, fixed and mobile fire pickets and lockers for sand, according with legislation in force;

old working of metals and metallic constructions made of 0.4-4 mm tin: mailboxes – different types and size, metallic cabinets and closets with 1, 2 and 3 doors, metallic lockers for: internet, electricity and gas, guns and munition, automatization cabinets, metallic furniture with different sizes shelves, different types of carts and wheelbarrows , pieces of metallic furniture so on.


Also, SC Mar-ina Prodprest offers services and consulting in fire fighting field: controlling and filling the extenguishers, building fireproofing, projecting and installation of fire alarm and extinguishing systems, marketing full range of products for fire, hydrants and accessories, lacquers and paints from heat and flame retardants, personal protective equipment, wood works, spray application.
The know-how of the managerial team and of all partners and technic board is based on an experience of 19 years in this field. Our succes comes from the high quality of our products, costumers’ satisfaction and our permanent client-orientated service.


SC Mar-ina Prodprest SRL operates with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2001, The Environment Management System ISO 14001:2005, the Health Management System OHSAS 18001:2008 and it obtained other certificates in its activity domain, also being agreed by The Romanian Naval Authority.


The Economic and Financial Situation of the Company

Also, our company has a solid material and tehnological basis , that contains lands, buildings and the latest equipments. So, it owns almost 40,000 square meters unbuilt land and 9,500 square meters built area, two automatic painting technological line in electrostatical field with 350,000 sqm/year productivity, a technological line for metal working with CNC equipments and other modern equipments.

In financial terms, making turnover analysis, SC Mar-ina Prodprest has increased its business, even if the international economic climate was unfavorable, through of the global economic and financial crisis.


Sales - Marketing


Currently, our company cooperates with over 1000 customers and suppliers in Romania and Europe – Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and we have had a business relationship with companies from Asia since 2000.

The good relationship with our parteners brought us a good presence in this field market and the quality of our products and services lead to repeated sales. Also, our pricing policy gave us an advantage against our competitors. We used the marketing mix policy, the 4 P, as a marketing strategy, the result being the constant increase of sales.

ue of the type of our products and services we can offer them to all market segments: individual customers, companies from the public and private, being covered all activity fields. Because of the professionalism of the technical and sales-marketing team, our clients portofolio is being in a numerical and geographical expansion, always looking for new target-markets.
The experience gained over time, also the signed contracts with Romanian and foreign companies recommend us as a strong and reliable partner.


Business Strategy and Targets

We consider that our company economic and financial trend is ascending, being favored by Romanian and European current legislation.
Therefore, our objectives for medium and long term are the investments for the business expansion increasing the production capacity and optimizing the supply and demand ratio, production diversification for covering the fire fighting market breaches and gaining new markets in Romania and Europe.

As a market strategy, we will continue the marketing mix, insisting on the increasing of profitability that would better our price policy, the implementation of new promoting ways of company and products and using additional distribution channels that lead to sales increasing.
As a consequence of this strategy we would have a better market share and a better position in fire fighting market.

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